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General annoucement by AT 

1) 13 April 2020 entitled "AT Systemization Berhad enters into MOU with China Specialists to build Disinfectant Chambers targeting the elimination of virus covid-19".

HOW WAS THE Progress ? wink  

2) At this stage, we look to focus on selling the chamber to the Malaysian market. Next, we will be aiming to market the chamber to South East Asia and other Asian markets. - This announcement is dated 21 April 2020.

Well, do you see any of the chamber in Malaysia ? LOL


well I lazy to write more already, go dig it yourself in Bursa, you will realise their annoucements are funny.

Remember "Koon Koon" Golden words,  no stock can go up or drop continuously for whatever reason.




Time to Koon liao. G9


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