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KYY - Hero or Zero?

With due respect to KYY, the well known philanthropist and controversial stock influencer who has a mass following of fans and haters.

His recent 4 posts on ATS

1. 10/11 - https://koonyewyin.com/2020/11/10/at-systematization-is-the-most-underrated-unknown-glove-maker/ - "AT Systematization is the most underrated & unknown glove maker"

Comparing ATS, Comfort & Super market capitalisation per glove.

2. 13/1 - https://koonyewyin.com/2020/11/13/at-glove-production-capacity/ - AT Glove production capacity.

Listing out all the details after a factory visit with a group of well known Stock Influencer.

3. 15/11 - https://koonyewyin.com/2020/11/15/ats-is-an-exception-to-my-stock-selection-rule/ - ATS is an exception to my stock selection rule

Explaining the reason of his exception and estimated P/E 15 target price of 70 sen and P/E 20 of 92 sen.

4. 17/11 - https://koonyewyin.com/2020/11/17/at-systematization-is-losing-support/ - AT Systematization is losing support

Explaining his change of mind.

The share price movement and possible entry & exit points

09/11 - Low 0.140 High 0.215 Close 0.215 ==> Possible Entry

10/11 - Low 0.170 High 0.190 Close 0.200

11/11 - Low 0.195 High 0.285 Close 0.270

12/11 - Low 0.205 High 0.280 Close 0.220

13/11 - Low 0.220 High 0.260 Close 0.255

16/11 - Low 0.250 High 0.300 Close 0.260 ==> Possible Exit

17/11 - Low 0.220 High 0.255 Close 0.245

The best entry point was on 09/11 at lowest 0.14 and exit point was on 16/11 at highest 0.300, gaining 114.2% over a period of 5 trading days. If one is holding 200 mil shares, profited handsomely for RM31,976,000 at maximum scenario. It certainly explained well the sudden change from love to hate within a week period. Those faithful followers who followed their HERO blindly are left in lurch.

Though after announcing his exit with negative post, the price close stably at 0.245, dropped 6% from last closing in a midlst of weak glove sentiment market where most of the gloves are in red. This serve to prove that his sudden departure has ZERO effect to the share price.

This is the cruelty of stock market, for you to judge if HERO or ZERO. Do Your Own Research.


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