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[ MTOUCHE ] The 50% Price Surge Today Signifies MTOUCHE as an Official Pfizer / BioNTech Vaccine Counter

Today MTOUCHE surges 50% past the RM0.10 psychological resistance to close at RM0.105

It is the first day of price surge after it has announced being appointed being a Fosun Pharma test kit authorised distributor in Malaysia last Friday

In the announcement last Friday, MTOUCHE also mentioned that they are in talks with Fosun to distribute Pfizer / BioNTech Vaccine here in Malaysia. While nothing has materialise yet, the price surge today signifies that the market perceives this as being true, that MTOUCHE will get the rights to distribute Pfizer vaccine here in Malaysia

Will this become another AT in the making? The winds of change of blown away from AT towards vaccine counters. And among all the vaccine counters in Bursa, MTOUCHE is the most undervalued and cheapest counter. While it is carrying the most famous vaccine brand around - Pfizer / BioNTech.

How far can MTOUCHE go? With the big flashing PFIZER VACCINE shining on MTOUCHE? Well, it definitely won't lose to AT. Or will it be at least BINTAI which surges from RM0.25 to RM0.90? Bintai's Generex is a rather unknown company, while MTOUCHE's Pfizer is the most famous vaccine brand now in the whole world, and the only leading one now with more than 90% effectiveness.

Is it too late to join the boat tomorrow before it surges like AT or Bintai? It's your call


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