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Philosophically!!! This is the question that you have to come to self realization. 

You will always not be happy when you sell!

You will always be wrong when you sell: this is your thinking. 

  • You sell with a profit but price go higher so you think you are wrong. 
  • You sell at a loss but the price bounce back so you think you are wrong. 
  • You sell at a profit when price drop you still think you are wrong because you should sell at the very top.
The whole idea is you are not happy with yourself no matter what. 

Set your goal for a time period

So it would make more sense to set a goal for a time period and when you reach the goal celebrate and set the next goal.

Don’t bother if you are right or wrong, as long as the 2 steps back are less than 1 big step forward to reach your goal. This is just a game.


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