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The share price is now 0.19 (9th December 2020 )

The above are the pictures taken in the AT glove factory.

From the look of it, AT systematization berhad will begin their glove production very soon.

According to Bursa Malaysia website, the line is expected to commence production of gloves by the middle of December 2020 and also expects to receive approval for the export of its gloves to European countries.

In addition, the Group expects to complete the installation and commissioning of new glove dipping lines at a rate of 2 new double former lines per month commencing January 2021 and expects to have all 13 lines installed by end-June 2021


Words in the community are spreading that the AT share price could potentially shoot up to at least 0.30 - 0.40 when it begins glove production and the completion of PP. 


Today, AT has announced that it has offered options to eligible Directors and employees under its SIS, the details of which are as follows:- 

(a) Date of offer: 9th December 2020
(b) Exercise price of options offered: RM0.19 each
(c) Number of options offered: 161,570,000
(d) Market price of AT’s shares on the date of the offer: RM0.19
(e) Number of options offered to Directors of AT are as below: Nil
(f) Vesting period of options offered: 9th December 2020


Regardless if a vaccine is available or not, there are many articles written that the glove will still be in demand globally next year. So far, there are no news about needing less gloves next year.


There is a strong likelihood for AT to go up to 0.40. I have complete faith that the share price will go up to an even greater height by June 2021. 




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