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(CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM BOSS) - The Underdog Winner for Glass Price Rally


As you may have know, steel prices are rallying rapidly amidst the global demand recovery. You may also refer to the raw material - Iron Ore price chart, which is the immediate reflection of the steel price rally.



So, we know that in this period, the demand of steel are rallying. Right?


But do you know, I've met several sub-contractors in this period of time, apart from steel, do you know what else is hiking in price?


The answer is - GLASS And this secret winner in the field is - AGESON BERHAD (7145)!


Apart from the vaccine craze for glass, behind the scene construction companies are starting to ramping up work progress in order to retrieve more cash to run their businesses. Thus, the demand for glass is hiking like no other day.



Just recently, we noticed a huge spike for AGES. So based on our latest update from market player, their sand deal had closed strongly!


For your information, the raw material of GLASS would be SAND. Although there might be different grades of sand. However, AGES supply of sand is huge! You may refer to my previous articles citing their sand deals!


This company, coupled with the strong recovery in the construction sector in 2021, will be one of the top picks by the fund manages when they notice the earnings potential of the company. 


And don't forget - AGES itself is another construction company, double the value!


So, again, would you like to buy at the strong support price of 13 cents or chase around 20 cents in the future, like TECHNAX?


I rest my case.


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