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The recent sell down by the JPM, had mad a lot of investors including the great uncle. 

The local IB has a great diparity in term of their TP, range from -34.82% to 89.86% (kossan as an example, same for other gloves counter), all those IB having the same set of financial and economy universities degree/master knowledge, again, read their last page fine print, you can always tell them to F off.

Always remember each note frm the IB have their very own agenda (as in my previous post), the JPM is a typical example. If you do not have your own yarkstick and indicators to buy and sell, means you cannot ride the wave, but flop by the wave.

Where are the best ba kut teh in town ? all the owners claim theirs is the best, only the owners know they have customers queuing out side for a seat or their employees waiting for customers to come in.

We all will flop once a while in our life, if you look back, MCO started when we have daily 200++ 300++ cases. now we have 1000++ 2000++ cases a day, we can get back to work and enjoy 90% of our daily life activities. 


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