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We were aware of the tussle within NWP's shareholding and Board structure. One group was planning to outdo each other for a bigger control of NWP.

The chart showed a significant activity of volume spike on 27th July when the price was RM 0.145.

We waited and waited.

The news came up in The Edge on 4th August 2020 (the news link is here)

We commented on the 6th Aug via this posting.

It took a few months for the price to climb to its highest of RM 0.31 on the 15th December 2020.

We concluded our analysis on the 16th December 2020 via this posting

Lesson learnt: read and study the chart!


Disclaimer : The above opinion is never intended to be a BUY CALL whatsoever. Wealthstudio is sharing our observations. Wealthstudio analysis is based on detailed research and analysis based on facts and figures available in the market (thank you Google), plus technical analysis from Tradingview's charting. Please make your own informed decision before buying this share or whatever share for that matter.


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