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SUPERMX (7106) SUPERMAX CORP BHD - on down trend

When one is too focus on the performance on an single company, single industry, 1 or 2 qtr results, single and micro...you tend to miss out the macro...

if you recall a couple of weeks ago, some great foreign rating agency down graded (not JPM) the entire Malaysia, so many ho ha protest from our YB, all giving their expert and professional views about how good we are heading towards recovery, how best we were controlling and contaiing the covid-19....and now, if we recall again, 300++ cases a day, we had the mco, now a daily 2000++ cases, we can do 90% of the normaly business / leisure activities, and think again, how many hospital beds are there in the entire Malaysia could spare for the covid-19 check in ? when will the China vaccine available for injection ? 

And lately, our KLSE index shoot up from the 1300++ point to almost 1700 point, give me break man, when was the last time the index was close to 1700 ???? how was the boom boom economy then compare to todays' every sectors are crying for help? hawkers are sitting for no customers? 

the macro will drag the micro down for some time,

Many will say, the DJ shot to the record high, KLSE will follow......well, their currency is USD, and we are MYR, you can hardly change your MYR in Cambodia for USD or KHR.....like it or not. They are in the position to print billions of USD, can we print MYR ? or the Zimbawe economy if you do like it ?

The MYR economy would not sustain the index above 1600 for long.......and look at the entire PE.....all exceeded the big boy list of criteria to 'invest', without those big boy, how much the local uncle and auntie could support the KLSE above 1600 ???? you + me + the great uncle.... ? i would rather spend it for a bottle of great wine + something you know what...........

The Supermax, the TG were there in the last 20 years, still there today, will be there tomorrow.......to make more profit, relax je.


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