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VSolar - The Likelihood of Procuring The LSS4 Project
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Asset: VSolar
Classification: Green Tech

Author:   |    Publish date: Tue, 29 Dec 2020, 12:17 PM

The LSS4 project will require years of operational conductivity to have all of the initial money invested by the industry players to be commissioned fully back into their balance sheets. I urged you to think from the standpoint of debt and share price valuation of the company. In this case, VSolar has the cash, followed by its astounding reserves aided by its robust fund holdings from its shareholders.

What more do you expect? A company like this falling into the PN17 list? Impossible. Take a look at the calculations and I welcome you to challenge it with open rebuttals.

As a project manager, who would you grant the project to? A financially stable company or a highly leveraged company with debts in the industry? Often times when the company experiences financial troubles, the projects are often nabbed and presented to the other bidders for resumption. This in return causes an influx of troubles since the project manager will have to reconduct the entire process of biddings to have the mission fully accomplished in the long-term.

From the contemplative view in its share price valuation, what would the value pricing be as opposed to the other solar powerhouses? Are you dealing with a value play or an overpriced deal? Considering the stock ranging in between few CTS as opposed to the standard ringgits or above 0.50cts valuation, this stock is an undertable value deal to any investors alike. What more can you asked for?

Debt valuation perspective, this company has a solid financial strength to overtake and oversee any projects at any time of the day. Honestly speaking, I understand that they might have failed the LSS3 biddings, and it was a thing of the past. If you were to undertake its prior cash flow assessment and have it measured with what they possess currently, you've found yourself a gem in disguise.

A company that is not serious in its operational conduct wouldn't bother creating deals to stay afloat. They are tons of companies out there with poor restructuring of debt refinancing, where are they now? With that being said, you can be sure that VSolar has managed to outpace the adversities of troubles through the trials/test of time.

To the small competitors, any project sounds AMAZING as it could transform VSolar around for the better. What about the big companies? Not much, since it does not contribute much to their core earnings either. The disruptor or small competitors will always fare better as time goes by.

Unlike the big dogs in the solar industry, any incoming project feels like a job on the run as it is no surprised that their current share price valuation may have greatly reflected all of their works at the present time (Including the current biddings). You might want to inquire how much and how can the top dogs continuously grow without any resistance deriving from the other new entree industry players? This is the ultimate DIFFERENCE maker that you should conduct if you were to tabled a comparison between VSolar against the Top Dogs in the industry.

I have said enough and I hope it catches the attention of the naysayers.

Cheers and have a great day investors.

Best Regards,

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scenery If not mistaken, this is a join venture project of Vsolar with Permaju, Vsolar only 30%, while Permaju 70%. Vsolar listed shares 2.45 bil, while Permaju only 550 mils, so if they are successful, Permaju can goes up much faster.

29/12/2020 12:35 PM


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