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WZ Satu Bhd is a civil engineering and building contractor company and undertakes infrastructure development projects. The company's product and services include Securing and carrying out construction contracts, contractor, subcontractor, carry on fabrication and assembly and testing work, trading and after service of products for oil and gas industries, mining bauxite operations (aluminium and activities, manufacturing of steel products, trading of steel products, Investment holding. It generates most of its revenues through the sale of steel products.


Why bull is coming to WZSATU?


Facts on bauxite usage. For the uninitiated, bauxite is a raw material for producing alumina and alumina is a raw material of producing aluminium. With the rising usage of aluminium in transportation (41%), battery packaging (20%), construction (14%), electrical devices (8%), consumer durables (7%), machinery (7%) and others (3%), we believe the demand in aluminium will continue to rise at an annual growth rate of 2.0% in the short to medium term, reaching 67m tonnes in 2023, the growth is supported by strengthening residential and infrastructure construction, power and transport initiatives.


High Order Book



Smart Money Always Right


WZSATU Expect the result will turnaround from red to black FY2021!


Happy New Year!


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