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 YTL (4677): YTL CORP BHD - To punt or not to punt

KLSE: YTL (4677)


It has been known that the RTS project was oficially launched just earlier last month, set to be completed in 2026. This infrastructure project is said to reduce the time needed to travel between Johor Bahru and Singapore to merely 5 minutes, linking Bukit Chagar in Johor Bahru with Woodlands in Singapore. The aspiration of this project is manifold.

It is one of the first steps to connect Southeast Asia.

Over the past decade, Southeast Asia's economy has been booming. So much so that, construction of sections connecting China with Vietnam, China with Myanmar and Laos with Vietnam are under way to drive further growth in the region. Work on sections in Laos began in December 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2021 with Chinese assistance. The railway network is expected to increase regional economic integration and increase China's economic ties with Southeast Asia.

Besides HSR, ECRL is also an infrastructure project underway, with the initiative for efficient national infrastructure as well as connecting towns and upgrading public transport in the rural areas of the east coast. Now, do note here that Putrajaya Sentral is one of the destination of ECRL, which is one of the stations of ERL, of which one of the stations is KLIA.

Now it seems obvious to link up ECRL, HSR, and RTS, subsequently the Pan-Asia rail network, right...? 

Well, apparently the idea of changing the alignment of HSR to directly connect to KLIA was said to have been rejected by Singapore due to it posing a threat to Singapore's airline industry. So, maybe we should go solo? 

In hindsight, it is a sly move to have inked the RTS project first and keep HSR delayed. It now seems to be all part of a plan, inn'it.

So, for those who are not sure of HSR happening because noises by various pundits, maybe it's time to think again.

And of course, this is all speculation, anything can happen. But, it is very very very likely that HSR will happen, but on what terms hmm..

Now, onto the technicals.

Volume - Average volume is increased dramatically and sustained at the current level.

Historical Share Price - One of the lowest levels of all time, still. Share price inching closer to the RM1 mark of early 2020.



Resistance levels:

Level 1: 0.8 marks the Level 1 resistance level and is also the strongest of the three. Breaking the 0.82 convincingly will mark an slower but imminent uptrend towards the RM1 mark. 

Level 2: 0.88 marks Level 2 resistance level and is also the weakest of the three. Breaking this resistance level, the share price should shoot up all the way to RM1 with very little resistance.

Level 3: RM1 marks final resistance level. A spike after breaking RM1 is highly possible.

Last but not least, cement prices seem to be going on an uptrend again.

TP 1: RM1
TP 2: RM1.2






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