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Minetec Resources Bhd, better known for its largest substantial shareholder - Dato Awang Putera, has 3 main business (1 more upcoming in 1H21 - Solar):

- Quarry products

- Civil Engineering

- Bituminous products

- Solar (via Coral Power's 21 year concession for 9.99MW solar plant in Perak)


1. In a August 2020 malay mail report, it was reported that :

"Abdul Farid said Minetech is confident of securing at least RM130 million from the total contracts currently being tendered for.

He said the company also sees new market potential in Indonesia following an agreement entered into with a partner there who owns a coal mine."



Note that Tesla had in December 2020 mention that they visited Indonesia for potential Nickel mining for Lithium batteries.



Who owns the largest coal and nickel mines in Indonesia?

PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) - "Nickel production in Indonesia is primarily conducted by Vale's PT Vale Indonesia and Aneka Tambang, which combined employed 5,820 employees in 2017, not accounting for jobs related to processing and in metallurgical industries."




2. Bitumen as raw material for carbon fibre (EV batteries)?

Alberta Innovates has been researching the potential of bitumen (oil sands) as providing emmission benefits for Carbon Fibre, as below:


Note that new technologies are being developed in Alberta to convert key incredients in Bitumen to create Carbon Fibre:



What is carbon fibre?

Volvo has developed Carbon fibre in its electric car. Carbon fibre has been proven to provide less mass but is more durable than any other metals that are currently used.



3. Coral Power's 9.99MW solar farm (Going green)

Note that Coral Power is expected to contribute to Minetec's profit from 1Q21 onwards.

How much will the profit contribution be?

It was stated that the tariff will be 37.5 cents per kWh for 21 years for 9.99MW.


9.99MW x 8 hours per day (conservative assumption that per day effectiveness of energy absorption is only 8 hours) x 365 days x 37.5/kWh

= RM10.9mil/annum for 21 years (Minetec's 70% stake will be RM7.63mil)

= RM2.7mil/ quarter profit for the next 21 years from 1Q21 onwards until 1Q42 (Minetec's RM1.9mil / quarter)


4. LSS4 contacts?

Coral Power's track record is likely to clinch Minetec larger contracts in LSS4.

Note that Coral Power is 70% owned by Minetec and 30% owned by NASDAQ listed Canadian Solar Inc. (Market capitalisation: US$3.4bil or RM13.6bil).

Canadian Solar's technical expertise in Coral Power is likely to clinch more wins for Minetec in LSS4 than any other local listed players due to their superior technical experience.


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