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  • Top Glove AGM Summary (by Malacca Securities MPlus)
  • ASP in Q2FY21 is expected 30% higher than Q1FY21. The whole industry players in gloves manufacturing agreed that the ASP will remain strong for year 2021
  • Delivery period increase from 30~40 days previous to 560 days and 370 days for nitrile and natural rubber gloves respectively. Note: Nitrile and natural rubber gloves comprises of around 90% of Top Glove revenue in FY20.
  • US gloves stockpile reduced from 16.9 billion pieces to 2 billion pieces in October 2020. 
  • Some Top Glove customer stockpile for gloves reduced from 2~3 months to 1~2 weeks
  • Exporting gloves to 195 countries currently.
  • Has enough raw material for continuous manufacturing of gloves. 
  • Expects new players in gloves manufacturing facing issues from factory installing, workers and raw material issues. 
  • Dividend payout for Q2, Q3 and Q4FY21 will be 70% on PATAMI.
  • Reason for share buyback (SBB) is because Top Glove thinks their company is undervalued at the purchased price and expects better return than putting into FD which gives 2% only. The amount of SBB is only 2.15% from the allowed 10% threshold
  • Top Glove has 4 billion cash as of 31 Dec 2020. 
  • US Border issues will be resolved when the independent international consultant verified the hostels and accommodation meets the required of Workers Housing Act 446. 
  • All Top Glove factories that has been affected by Covid-19 lockdown has been resumed operations as of 20 Dec 2020. The lockdown is expected to impact 4% of the total revenue and profit. 
  • Top Glove is spending 100 million for next 3 years to build hostels for 7300 workers and using 95 million to acquire new apartments for 2700 workers
  • Top Glove is moving towards automation direction which previously 1 million gloves need 8 workers and now only 1.6 workers. 
  • Top Glove current factory utilization rate is 95%
  • Malaysia will remain the focus ground of gloves manufacturing activities at the same time expanding their existing foreign manufacturing plant. 
  • Top Glove Hong Kong listed is expected around mid 2021. 
  • Top Glove aims to achieve Fortune500 by 2035 with an expected CAGR of 20%. Note: Top Glove current CAGR is 28%


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