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PETRONAS CNY 2021 – 一起 “Yi Qi”



A refreshing take inspired by the mythical tale of dancing lions who drove away evil spirits, watch how our lions rise above their challenges and find a new rhythm of joy.


Prudential CNY 2021 - 幸福从心出发 Happiness is a place within you


This CNY, Prudential presents: The Reunion
Money, success, respect. Jean seems to have it all, but at what price? Follow her journey as she rediscovers happiness hiding in plain sight.

#HLBCNY2021​ - Nian: The Untold Story


Ah Boy & Poh Poh share a story about how we can overcome any challenges when we work together.

The TESCO ONG Medley 2021 旺歌金曲

Break free from last year’s suay and usher in the ONG with TESCO! From cooking to grooming, from inside to outside, we have all you need to have yourself a fortuitous Chinese New Year. To discover how you and your family can take charge of the ONG in your hands, just sing along to our melody - confirm ONG SANA ONG SINI!

Celcom Chinese New Year 2021 - A Story of our Strength


Through hardships and challenges faced, we found strength in the bonds we share with one another. Making Chinese New Year a celebration of our connections with those who matter most. We know that food plays an important role in any reunion, that's why Celcom is hosting a one-of-a-kind event to share the spirit of togetherness. 

Adidas Original 2021 CNY


Adidas Original 2021 CNY

The Best Aviation Chinese New Year Ad 2021 !


With the love,
Everything is possible.

airasia | Niu Year Niu You with Master Niu


Niu Year Niu You, #GoRED​ with Master Niu! 
Have an OXpicious New Year. 
Go red with airasia, the Asean Super app. 

COURTS CNY 2021 Where There's Love, There's Home


Family is life greatest blessing. Apart from loved ones is something never easy. 
Watch this Chinese New Year video till the end and send your "love" to your family.

Samsung Malaysia CNY Film 2021-The Last Dance


Though Chinese New Year this year may be unlike any other,  let innovation bring us closer to one another. Watch 'The Last Dance' now.

CNY 2021: HUATever you want, Grab STILL got


Though life has been challenging, watch the Ongs learn that they can still tai chi Huatever they want to Grab for CNY in 2021 #GrabHuatever

Watsons CNY #HappyBeautifulYear​ 2021


As we welcome a different Lunar New Year, let’s cherish every precious moment with those that are close to our hearts.

TNB CNY 2021 – Nian-tastic New Start


A long, long, long, long, long time ago…villagers learnt the ancient secret to triumphing over evil and unlocking true prosperity. 

Maxis CNY 2021 - Little Lion | 小狮王


This Chinese New Year, let’s appreciate the many blessings life has to offer, together.
Watch how a family of lion dancers adjust to their new life, as they teach their youngest the true meaning of lion dance.

Etiqa 2021 CNY - How do you get from C– To A+?


Ah Hern is trying to study for his exams, but his family is busy preparing for the Chinese New Year. Will he make it through the chaos and noise? Watch how everything unfolds in Etiqa’s 2021 Chinese New Year webfilm.

RHB Chinese New Year 2021: Love Carries On


The path to our dreams is often obstructed by challenges, but we seldom have to walk it alone. The strength to progress will always be found in the unconditional support of our loved ones, just as they can always count on us to find theirs. 

Daikin CNY 2021 : The Extraordinary Family GO喜发财 (OFFICIAL Short Film)


There is no better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than to be with your family. 

2021 CNY Ads - Lucky Number 30 | Pepsi


This year’s CNY celebration may be different. Regardless, near or far, our families will always be close at heart.

2021 余仁生新春公益短片 EuYanSang CNY 2021 Short Film


所谓 “得人恩果千年记,得人花戴万年香”

YAKULT新年2021《距离遥远 心却相联》(Miles apart, but close at heart)


Hometown means a lot to the out-of-towners. It is their best shelter and the place they are looking forward to return to during Chinese New Year. This year, the festive season may be different but we believe that our hearts are strongly connected with our family members. 
May Yakult bring warmth, good health and happiness to you and your family


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