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Over the last month or so, the share price of Tasco more than doubled based on speculation that they will be involved in the transportation of the ultra-cold Pfizer vaccine. These speculations were pushed by irresponsible parties trying to make quick money and it seems to have worked well. Interestingly, Tasco also never came out to say that they were not doing it while always saying that they have handled vaccines before and this added fuel to the fire.

Today, that speculation is over. Check the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Facebook page to see what is happening with the logistics for the Pfizer vaccine. In particular, have a look at the 2 pictures below:



It's DHL all the way. Some may still be in denial and say that other logistic providers can stil do last mile delivery or for other vaccines. But you just have to ask yourself this question - do you think any company that has signed a deal to transport the vaccines would keep quiet? Or they would already have made a big announcement on Bursa?

If you are still holding Tasco and are making money from it, sell it. If you are making losses, the losses are probably still small and cut loss on opening tomorrow. 


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