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AT Glove (0072) - No Questions Answered    

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Author:   |    Publish date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021, 10:18 AM

On 22 Feb 2021, i posted "My Second Message to AT (0072)". It has been many weeks and to my dissapointment, they have not responded.

The post is linked to the below:


I took into account that they may not have seen the questions here so I took the initiative to send them an email to answer the questions, till to this day they show no interest in answering any questions. |

This goes to show what kind of management they are. Just like the many other companies, i can summarise in one word:


The management in Atian club is also not doing a good job either. Supposedly a club to make sure all its members have a peace of mind and updated, knowingly a few of them are in contact with AT management ever since the Grand Opening.

They are suppose to make sure questions like these are answered but till to this day, nothing.

I can only conclude one of these few possibilities.

1.Atian admins did not even ask AT to begin with (which i doubt)

2. Atian admins were not able to get answers from AT  

3. Atian admins gotten the answers from AT but did not want to give to the members

Whichever it is, Atian admins are no longer doing a good job as compared to before.

None many are having a peace of mind at the moment.

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LimitUp I just feel very lucky that I didn't buy AT after KYY tried to promote the stock. After KYY's own confession of his mistakes (real or therwise) with Supermax I think it doesn't look good with AT. A lot of people feel they're now trapped.

15/03/2021 11:27 AM

koolset Despite the increase of 420b glove demands stated by MARGMA, lets take into account of AT other possible future plans for the company to grow.

I will say this, like any CEO/MD of any company they all have the same goal in mind which is to make more profit for the company as fast as possible.

Safe to say many of us here invested in AT primarily because of the glove venture to begin with. Nothing else but that.

However, from the recent acquisitions activities (Thrive & Asdion). There is a possibility that AT may also wish to become another investment company like Fintec.

Looking at Fintec lastest quarter report, the earning is 720m. Highest compared to the past quarter reports. It can be said that most of these are from investing in other companies such as AT itself.

From the look of the management strategy & planning, I will assume that their intention is to buy up companies that has been making losses, and come up with a strategy to turn it into a profitable company. And yes, there will be some trials and errors before it become profitable. Lets agree that no management would actually buy a losing company without a plan and continue to let it lose money.

Side note, even if the company makes a lot of money, the share price may not necessarily shoot up to high as we all hope it to be. It will go up but not as high as we want it to be. If AT plans is to be a glove/investment company, most of the profit will be used for glove ventures or acquiring other companies. Nonetheless, we must also take into account of the ESOS and PP that may happen again in the future. Many of us are definitely turn off by that ideas, (me too) but all these are incentives to allow company to build a strong foundation first for the longest time.

This message is not to discourage you but to prepare ourselves to build a strong mentality that we all must have if we wish to continue investing in this stock for a long term.

Keep in mind, a few board members bought a lot of shares under their own personal account too. I am sure if you were the head and wish to retire early, you will find some ways to push up the share price of the company so that you can sell your shares at a high price.

15/03/2021 4:56 PM

Stockiss None of the Admins are representative of AT Management, nor answerable to any blogs / forum / posts. Any shareholders with concerns or questions should contact ATS Investor Relationship directly at their publicly published contact.

It is against Bursa directive for listed companies to communicate via blogs / forums / posts instead of official Bursa announcement channel.

15/03/2021 6:12 PM

koolset Do understand that even though I created those questions but it is also likely that the company will not able to be answer as there are cases where Bursa Securities take action against listed companies and directors if their responses are inaccurate/misleading.


If AT management were caught by Bursa Security for answering inaccurately, it will affect the share price in a negative manner. It won't be good for us the investors. Hope you understand and if possible, please delete this post too. It doesn't do good for the company if anyone read your blog only.

15/03/2021 6:47 PM


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