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BJCORP (3395) BERJAYA CORP BHD : Mid & Long Term Breakout

Bjcorp, a public listed company not alien to most investors esp the retails as many of them bitten hard by the company share price. It has the most subsidiary companies listed companies in Bursa. Most of the company assets are within the golden triangle of KL with many of their biz are well known like MCD, Starbuck, 7-11 etc...However, share price is underperform in long term.

If you analyse the share price over the past 2 decades, not surprisingly the pattern of movement actually followed closely the movement of KLCI. The main difference is the uptrend is always short and sharp verse the bear run is long and correction is always more than 90%. From chart, the stock has successfully breakout from the mid to long term downtrend cycle. The run is just the beginning of another bull cycle and expect to complete in the next few years.

Any pullback will be a good opportunity to accumulate.


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