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 Summary For February 2021

Stock Portfolio @ End of Feb21

Feb21 breaks my record of most transactions done in a month since 2013. I made a total of 10 buy/sell transactions.

Nevertheless, my portfolio lost 1% in this month.

Most of the stocks in my portfolio perform well in Feb21, but 3 stocks with big losses (Supermax, SCIB, Rhonema) are adequate to drag the whole portfolio into red, especially SCIB.

SCIB's share price dropped 18.6% this month, which is kind of expected after staging big rally in Jan21. I have sold ~30% of SCIB in early Feb21 to lock in profit while the rest I planned to wait for its FY20Q4 result.

I was a bit disappointed with its FY20Q4 result to be honest, in which its revenue and core net profit do not meet my own expectation.

This is due to slower than expected revenue recognition and I'd expect better revenue for the next quarter.

Anyway, SCIB has secured new contracts worth RM821mil so far this year. In order to achieve the management target of RM2.5bil outstanding contract value by the end of 2021, I expect it to grab at least RM2bil new contracts this year.

Its share price has retreated from a high of RM3 (before warrant adjustment) to current RM1.73. Should I continue to hold its shares?

Personally I feel SCIB can grow into something big in the future so I plan keep its shares. The only problem is that it carries too much weightage in my portfolio.

Datuk Karim aims to double SCIB's size to RM2bil market cap in 2021. If he "keeps his promise" again just like in 2020, then SCIB's share price has to be at least RM4.

Supermax's share price keeps dropping and I don't know where is the bottom. I'm tempted to average down but I think I'll wait for a consolidation phase to form first.

Its share price rebounded 13% today. If it stages a sharp V-shape recovery, then I might miss it like during Mac last year.

Among all the companies in my portfolio who announced quarterly results in Feb21, I think LeonFB and Uchitec are impressive.

On the other hand, Genetec, POS and SMetric are disappointing. I do expect POS to register loss due to its usual impairment loss in the final quarter, but I don't expect it to be that bad.

I sold all its shares at a loss mainly because I'm not too happy with its management. I think they should at least inform investors that its main parcel processing center has been shut down for as long as 2 months due to Covid-19 outbreak.

When I bought Genetec's shares last year, I already have a plan to hold at least until February this year because from previous year's trend, it posted its best quarter results and announced contract wins in February.

As its share price already shot up so much before the release of its result, I took the opportunity to sell half and then all after the disappointing result. 

As expected, it announced contract win later but its share price keeps going up despite bad results, and is still staying high close to RM6. 

SMetric registers a loss of R3.3mil for its FY20Q4, even though there are a few one-off impairment losses of approximately RM2mil.

Since I do not invest a lot in this company, I plan to hold and see whether its share price can stay resilient since it's a tech-related stock.

JHM & Rhonema's quarter results are so-so and their share prices drop perhaps they do not meet market's expectation.

For Hibiscus, it's a so-so result as well but its share price reacts more towards crude oil price. However, there is a surprise first ever dividend of 0.5sen.

I think Rhonema has good potential to grow but my entry price is too high. It is my mistake and I'll look for an opportunity to average down if it continues to do well.

I added Uchitec into my portfolio in Feb21, because the management has indirectly hinted that it will have its record high revenue in FY20Q4.

It's a company with slow & steady growth. I hope that market will give it higher PE valuation during this tech bull run, supported by its high dividend yield.

I added more shares of myNEWS in Feb21, simply because I think its business can only improve after the various types of MCOs are lifted. I'm encouraged by the management's effort to cut logistic cost and improves its food processing center's utilization rate though upcoming CU stores.

However, quarterly loss in the first half of 2021 seems inevitable for myNEWS.

I sold some shares in Jaks to realize some profit, just like SCIB. I think a lot of investors might expect a very good result for its FY20Q4 which is yet to be released.

I don't have too high expectation on it but I bet for a good result in FY21Q1.

Jaks, Krono & Master delay the release of their quarter reports to Mac. Scientex and myNEWS will also release their results this month.

For me it's not easy to find a stock to invest in now. Some companies report good financial results but once I see that their profits mainly come from property development, I lost my interest.

Ya, I'm still quite reluctant to invest in property stocks now, even though their worse time might be over.

One of the stocks that I'm very interested in is Airasia, but it seems like something is holding me back from buying it.

I think I better be more patient now and only wait for a major correction to buy any shares.

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