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Dear AT Management,


Despite the effort of you trying to dispel the notion that you are not involved in the shuffling assets within the group as written in the Edge newspaper titled "Fintec: We are not in the business of shuffling assets". 


Not many are convinced because the article are written in a very passive way with NO ACTION TAKEN and is not well spread.


What you should have done to begin with is to report to police to find out who posted this website https://kennethvunyunlun.wordpress.com/home/


The reason why your reputation has taken a big hit is because of this person who wrote it in case you were wondering how it all begun and there are many who are still spreading it.


If whatever written is not true and are defaming, you should pursue the owner of this domain and sue him. By doing so, you are protecting your company reputation and your investors best interests.


Do understand that by not taking any action, you are making many of your investors believe that these rumours are perhaps true which is why YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY ACTION.


Even if all of the 13-48 production lines were to be completed, it will be extremely difficult to get a client if the company's reputation and image is tarnished. Rubber gloves community are very small and not many potential customers would like to deal with you even if the price is cheaper compared to others. 


Do take some actions against those who has wrongly accused AT company to prove your innocent. From there, you will move from a position of strength onwards. TQ


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