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Ben Tan: Starting My Own Blog

Ben Tan

I started my own blog. You can find it here.

I have been considering this for a while now and I decided to take this step for a few reasons:

1) Better quality.

Currently my website's design is simple, and there are very basic functionalities available only. However, I plan to invest into making it a more pleasant-looking place. At the same time, i3 offers extremely limited capabilities as far as writing is concerned, and sometimes this makes sharing information in a well-structured manner exceedingly difficult.

2) Better control.

I have long been having problems with the post tagging function on i3. There is no way for a post to be tagged by the author. Instead, I have to wait for an administrator to tag a post accordingly. Frequently, posts have remained untagged for a few days (or not at all), which decreases their visibility to the point where they cannot be found unless one knew they were there. Additionally, trolls frequently destroy the otherwise constructive discussions that have occurred in the comments section of some of my posts. There isn't much I can do to prevent that on i3, unfortunately.

3) More flexibility.

There is information I want to share, which is not necessarily in the form of articles. For instance, on my new website I have a Resources section, where I share data on different matters I consider important. This data is, by nature, in static format, so it cannot be shared as an article. Additionally, some information is meant to be in the form of notes, rather than articles. I will be sharing such notes with subscribers to my blog.

4) Subscription feature.

The i3 website doesn't provide a subscription feature, which is regrettable. Some people like to stay informed on when some of their favourite authors post something new, or when someone responds to their comments. This, coupled with the aforementioned problems with i3, makes it very hard to justify the experience here.

No fees.

I don't plan to charge for the use of the information I share on my blog, or via subscriber notes. As I have mentioned before, I believe in sharing information freely, and in building relationships. Earning from writing has never been my primary goal. For instance, since I started writing a few months ago, I've had an information sharing call with the VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan, one of the biggest business consulting and market research companies in the world. Thus, if one day my sharing of my personal research, analysis, and thoughts, leads to something more, that will only be a bonus.

If you would like to receive updates when I post something new, if you would like to get my private notes, or if you would simply like to stay in touch, please feel free to message me here, or via email at:


Stay safe,



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