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 I am wondering if Malaysians are aware of just how bad the situation is on the pandemic front. I think many are still not fearful. We still think India is in a really really bad place. We probably also think there must be other countries struggling way above us. Well, look at the table below.

No wonder the Indonesian are saying "beware or else we end up like Malaysia". Look at the tables below. The key is the number of doses per 100 people (from CNN's site). I can't even do the whole table before reaching Malaysia. There are countries whose vaccination rates are low like South Korea, Australia and even New Zealand - that's because they have a very low infection rate. We are #2 now in the world, hence our vaccination rates should be at least in the top 20.

- Government should liberalise vaccination. Let the states bring in vaccines. Let the private hospitals bring in vaccines. If people want to pay for vaccines, we must let them.

- The rollout should expedited. Forget about the commissions. Some things cannot play-play.

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