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Koon Yew Yin 17 May 2021

Today many stocks with excellent profit growth prospects plunged and I took advantage of this buying opportunity to buy Alcom, LB Aluminium xqand Leon Fuat. Alcom dropped 5 sen, LB Aluminium dropped 16 sen and Leon Fuat dropped 19 sen.  

Alcom Chart below 

LB Aluminium Chart below 

Leon Fuat Chart below 

Alcom, LB Aluminium and Leon Fuart are selling at PE 3.3, 3.9 and 3.9 respectively as shown below    

Name Price Latest EPS  4 X EPS PE 
Alcom 95 sen  7.5 sen 30 sen 3.3
Leon Fuat  92 sen  5.84 sen 23.4 sen 3.9 
LB Alum 94 sen  6 sen 24 sen 3.9 

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