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 Here are 14 of the OLDEST listed companies on Bursa Malaysia, based on my research from annual reports & internet search:

Rothmans of Pall Mall/Rothmans (now BAT) 27 October 1961

Malayan Finance Corporation (now MAYBANK) 17 February 1962

Oriental Holdings Berhad (ORIENT) 10 March 1964

Guiness Anchor Berhad (now HEIM) 31 March 1965

Matsushita Electric Company Malaysia (now PANAMY) 1966

Public Bank (PBBANK) 6 April 1967

Land & General (L&G) 1968

Pacific Milk Industries/Dutch Baby (DLADY) 24 September 1968

Genting (GENTING) 1971

Batu Kawan (BKAWAN) Oct 1971

Perlis Plantations Berhad (PPB) May 1972


The list above is as accurate as possible, but I couldn't verify the year of F&N, Carlsbrg, Kuchai, etc. Please add to the list if you know companies that should be on this list, along with their date/year of listing.



I'm surprised that long-listed companies in Malaysia are not as favoured or well-documented like the USA. (just check it online)

These 14 companies above have stood the test of time, surviving decades of economic uncertainty. Some are familiar names. Maybe you can identify the competitive moat of these companies. Some may even point out the few that are current FBM KLCI constituents. The rest, i.e. the minority fell into obscurity.

Just looking at the company names alone, my hunch is that, had one invested equal sums of money into all 14 of these stocks since listing until now, they would have accumulated a tidy sum of fortune for their family or society. The huge gains outweight the minor losses.

What does this show?

Long-term investing in companies that can survive the next 40 years gives good returns? Or we better invest short-term, taking profit while we can since Malaysia only has so few companies that can stay listed for 40 years? (apart from those that got privatised)

Asking more questions will help us figure out our investment strategy. It is our interpretation that matters.

Benjamin Graham: "The stock investor is neither right or wrong because others agreed or disagreed with him; he is right because his facts and analysis are right."


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