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Mr. Koon Yew Yin come out with a surprise article which can be basically interpreted as a “sell call”, citing many reasons such as political uncertainty and increasing covid cases. He also stressing that the most important is TA, which is funny (or not) as he usually claim the most important is increasing earnings growth. What are his real intentions is a big question, as many call him a manipulator.



KLSE chart

[KLSE chart]



As you can see KLSE is in a correction and we all know reasons behind, question is if all these elements are priced in already and what can come in the future? In my opinion all negative news are already fully priced in and only downside risk into the future is more than expected political crisis and same goes for covid. On the positive side other markets are mostly in the green, especially if you see S&P 500, when malaysian market will digest all bad news, which should be very soon already, the market should look more into the future and return to upward trend.



S&P 500 chart

[S&P 500 chart]



I am personally almost fully invested at around 80% and will look for opportunity to add on dips, as market should be already near to the bottom and I am a long term investor with more forward looking mindset. KLSE will for sure recover and it is hard to predict where and when will be the bottom, so for long term investors corrections are just a “top-up” opportunity. Covid will for sure will be under control soon thanks to vaccinations and economy looks like recovering very well.


This time I disagree with Mr. KYY.


When things looks the worst, it is usually the best time to buy!


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