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Experian Malaysia temporarily pauses CCRIS related services and reports

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 3): Information services provider Experian Information Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Experian Malaysia) has temporarily paused its Central Credit Information System (CCRIS) related services and reports.

According to Experian Malaysia, this comes after Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on Sept 30, 2021 communicated the temporary suspension of access to CCRIS for all credit reporting agencies (CRAs) including Experian Malaysia, following the potential cyberthreat.

“The temporary suspension of access for all CRAs is a proactive and necessary measure by BNM [towards the threat].

“As a result of this access disruption to CCRIS, we are [also] actively working with BNM towards fulfilling the conditions for the suspension to be lifted,”  the company said in a statement Sunday.

Experian Malaysia noted that the company has since conducted an in-depth security investigation and has found no evidence of any compromise in its systems, servers or facilities.

“We have submitted our findings to BNM and are actively supporting BNM in their ongoing investigation and additional assessments, as required to resume these services as soon as possible for our customers.

“Experian adheres to the strictest security procedures and conducts regular checks and audits of our information security. We continuously invest in and upgrade our systems and security measures to ensure the safety of data are of global standards and those of the Malaysian regulators,” it said.

Experian Malaysia added that it is further making its JagaMyID identity monitoring service available for free for three months to all Malaysians as a precautionary measure to help Malaysian consumers safeguard their identities against potential cyberthreats.

“Experian takes our responsibilities to protect consumer and business data seriously. We would like to provide assurance that we have found no evidence of any adverse security incidents.

“We are committed to advance data security standards and safeguards to protect the information and interests of Malaysian consumers and businesses,” said Experian Malaysia CEO Dawn Lai.

Dawn added that it has been a worrying period for many, with alleged news of personal data being sold on the dark web in the past few weeks.

“To help safeguard against identity theft and ease consumers’ worry over whether their personal data has been compromised, we will be providing free dark web and credit monitoring for three months to all Malaysians, starting Oct 4,” she added.


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