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Durian planter  PLS 9695 PLS PLANTATIONS BERHAD records highest YTD monthly crop output

KUALA LUMPUR (June 12): Durian planter PLS Plantations Bhd's monthly crop output rose to its highest year-to-date (YTD) in 2022 after climbing past 8,000 tonnes in May 2022 at the onset of Malaysia's annual durian season during which fruit traders are expecting an increase in business on demand for the king of fruits.

According to PLS' Bursa Malaysia filings, PLS, which also cultivates oil palm, achieved a crop production of 8,292.68 tonnes in May 2022 compared with 7,043.34 tonnes a month earlier.

PLS however did not elaborate on its monthly crop output changes.

Looking back, PLS' latest-reported crop output data of 8,292.68 tonnes, which was filed with Bursa on Friday (June 10, 2022), was the highest YTD since January 2022 when PLS' crop production fell to 5,447.15 tonnes from 8,952.64 tonnes in December 2021.

According to reports, Malaysia's annual durian season usually starts in May before gradually progressing across the country until August.

It was reported that durian variants sold in Malaysia include the Musang King, D13 and D101 and these variants are sold at between RM10 and about RM50 a kilogramme.

According to PLS' website, PLS undertakes in upstream and downstream durian operations via operating entity Dulai Fruits Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

"[Dulai is involved in the] sourcing and collection of durian at [the] central and northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia, processing and trading of frozen whole fruit durian, durian paste and durian pulp.

"[Dulai, which has] two durian processing facilities in Raub (Pahang) and Melaka [is also a] licensed exporter to China, Japan, Australia, and USA," PLS said.

On Bursa, PLS shares were untraded on Friday (June 10) after closing unchanged on Thursday (June 9) at RM1 with  2,000 shares transacted.

At RM1, PLS has a market value of about RM399.66 million based on the company's 399.66 million outstanding shares, according to PLS' latest quarterly financial report.


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