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Application Process

I was confused to apply to Jpa or Jpa mara because you could only pick one. After thinking it through, asking adults and such i applied for the Jpa-Mara scholarship in Sains & Teknologi (kolej teknologi timur)

Okay, our year we had to wear t-shirt warna gelap, tracks and sport shoes. Dont panic they arent any physical tests at all phew. It was only to mudahkan pergerakan pelajar, supaya lebih selesa.

I was put into Kelompok 1 which was the morning session. The morning session consisted of applicants from Kelompok 1 and 2 and there was ramaaai orang, dalam 80 lebih. Eventhough i was in Kelompok 1, my iv session started at 12:00 pm. I arrived at 7:40, which meant 4+ hours of borak-ing with the people next to me, it was fun really, i always loved a good chat. Wait for them to call your name and assign your number cards, this would be your identity throughout the interview sessions. Make sure its visible for the panelists to jot down marks.

The way it worked was they would randomly assign you into groups of 10, then split the 10 into half so, 5 each group. Since i was in the very very last group, we only were a group of 4.

There were 2 parts,

    Pembentangan Berkumpulan (BM)
    Group Interview (BI)

Nasib lah dapat yang mana dulu, as i said they split the 10 into 5, 5. So 5 would do the pembentangan first while the other 5 will do the interview.
Group Interview (BI)

Us 4 got the English interview first. The chairs were arranged in a line with 2 panelists in front of us. Our names were numbers. on the card. Be alert of your number, you would not want to look drowsy, not in the zone. At first was the mandatory

    Introduce yourself

We went by numbers from smallest to largest.

Then came the more personal questions. They randomly called out our (numbers) and asked different questions for each of us, such as

    What are your hobbies
    What are your goals in life (cita cita)
    How do you prioritize your time

The other one i forgot.

After that they asked a question that each of us had to answer, im so sorry i forgot the question, if i remember ill update. But we had to volunteer to speak first. It is better to speak first, so that your ideas are the freshest. And try to look enthusiastic, like you WANT this scholarship, because the panel will catch up if your just trying your luck or not interested in the course of your choosing.After final remarks, keep your politeness and exit the room, phew shake it off and congrats you've completed the first part of the SAC!
Pembentangan Berkumpulan

We moved into the next room with a new set of panelists, now in charge of the BM session. They gave us two topics, and choose from one.

    Aktiviti Sukan
    Teknologi memusnahkan hubungan sosial

The topics were along those lines and we chose the latter.

Tak ingat sebenarnya berapa lama dia bagi, tapi kitaorg agihkan macam dalam karangan, ada punca, kesan, langkah mengatasi, etc , so make sure semua ada  point masing masing dan agihan tu fair untuk semua orang lepastuuuu bentang. Jangan jangan jangan shoot down point orang lain, tapi masing masing kena support each other, boleh mencelah but do it in a proper way, mintak izin. Dah habis tu simpulkan dengan penutup ringkas dan duduk balik.

Habis je ada sesi soal jawab, panel tanya soalan, semua kena jawab soalan sama. Kalau tak jadi orang first pon okay. Kelebihan jadi orang last bercakap ialah boleh ulas balik apa group mates tadi cakap, so dengar betul betul.

Antara soalan dia

    Kemajuan teknologi atau kesejahteraan rakyat?
    Kelebihan Teknologi dalam komunikasi

Tengok tengok dah habis :) Alhamdulillah berjaya harungi SAC JPA

And Alhamdulillah syukur, i got the scholarship :)) ill have to read into the offer next and decide if its the best for me, anyway, Goodluck Future Scholars!


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