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  Top 4 Industries that are Worth Investing In currently

The time value of money states that ‘a dollar today is always worth more than a dollar tomorrow’ — only if you invest that dollar to grow its value instead of stashing it away in your wallet!

Investing your money can increase its value in the long run due to its earnings potential in the interim. Investing is a great way to build your personal wealth and financial stability in the long run.

So, what are some types of Malaysia investment companies and industries that are worth investing in?

    Renewable Energy Industry

    Renewable energy is a fast-growing and emerging industry due to the urgency to cut down our energy consumption and carbon emissions to combat the climate crisis.

    Our energy consumption pattern needs to shift away from coal and fossil fuels extraction — solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy are some renewable energy resources that emit fewer greenhouse gases.

    Investing in the renewable energy sector is for more than just environmental reasons, it is also to safe proof your funds from the volatility of global oil prices and make sure your investment is positive for the environment.

    Technology Industry

    As modern citizens of the world, we eat, live and breathe technology. People are constantly on the look for new technological devices and digital innovations to incorporate into their lives.

    Some examples of emerging technology industries to invest in are artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, cloud computing providers, and more.

    For the past few years, technological-related industries have been delivering huge earnings growth and demonstrating robust cash flow generation, which makes it a great place to invest for better returns.

    Courier Industry

    From delivering goods to transporting business infrastructures, our economy is highly reliant on efficient courier services. The courier industry is also booming as more companies embrace remote workforces and flexible working arrangements, therefore investing in this industry is a great choice.

    Of course, investing in the courier industry comes with logistical and economical risks. You don’t have to stick to one particular portfolio, diversify your investments to have a better chance of securing a profit!

    Reinsurance industry

    Reinsurance is the business of taking on a portion of risks from a primary insurer to be insured by a specialized company — it is a relatively lesser-known investment industry.

    Companies that acquire reinsurance range from automotive dealers and agro-businesses to life insurance companies. The process allows companies to diversify large risks in the face of unforeseen events that could bankrupt them.

(This article was contributed by MNRB Holdings Berhad)

MNRB Holdings Berhad (MNRB) is an investment holding company. The MNRB Group comprises leading providers of reinsurance and retakaful as well as two takaful operators. Visit https://www.mnrb.com.my/investor-relations for more information on MNRB’s financial position and performance.

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