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My Portfolio Dec23

Summary For December 2023

Portfolio @ End of Dec23

With a 2.3% gain in the month of Dec23, my portfolio successfully closed year 2023 with a double digit gain of 12.3%.

I think this gain is just average, as I can see many stocks making very good progress towards the end of year 2023, even though KLCI fell for the third year in a row.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with this result since I don't put in a lot of time and effort in the stock market throughout the year.

If you want to be more successful, you have to work hard to earn it...

The only transaction I made in Dec23 was disposing all Krono shares at 16.5% loss.

Krono has been one of the stocks in my "dispose list" in an attempt to trim my portfolio to 5-8 stocks.

I should have sold it much earlier but good financial results in the second half of FY22 made me think twice.

Of course the ultimate reason to cut lost was due to its lackluster latest quarter result and management-guided dim prospect in 2024.

Anyway, Krono still has strong balance sheet and cashflow. Its share price will go up again if financial results in subsequent quarters are good.

In the whole year of 2023, I just added T7Global into my portfolio while sold all Krono, MyNews & Uchitec shares.

In hindsight I shouldn't have sold Uchitec, and should have sold myNews much earlier.

Form all the 11 stocks that I still hold until the end of 2023, four of them suffer loss while 7 of them register gain in year 2023.

The main reason for my portfolio to gain 12.3% in 2023 is the bigger gain in Gtronic & MI

Both of them dragged my portfolio into loss in 2022 anyway, and they are still temporarily in loss position at the moment. 

Meanwhile, another bad performer of 2022 JHM did not change much in 2023.

I feel that year 2024 might be a better year for tech-related stocks. Hopefully all 3 of them can end year 2024 positively.

Fast is hopeless and its real value in my portfolio is negligible. There is no point selling it at this stage so I just keep and wait for miracle.

I like Hibiscus as I think it's a solid company. However, the company can't control the crude oil price.

Its dividend should increase over time but its share price will be affected heavily by the crude oil price.

I'll try to keep its shares but might sell if its share price surge to my target level of RM3.

For LEESK, if both its domestic and export sales pick up in 2024, I think its share price might climb back to RM1 level.

Maybulk is like Krono which I wish to get rid of. It has just ventured into industrial property development so lets see what can it achieve.

Rhonema's share price is stagnant at 70sen level, just like its financial performance. I guess year 2024 might be just about the same.

MFCB is making some good progress. The management is trying hard to find new sources of income to match the hydropower plant.

I think I should have sold all my Scientex shares when its share price reach RM4.50 in early 2022.

When its share price fell back to RM3 level, I told myself that I must sell if the share price climb back to RM4.

Now its share price closed exactly at RM4, I'm still not sure whether I should sell...

T7Global's share price did not perform as good as I have wished for. I think it has good potential but it comes with higher risk as well.

The lack of new contracts announcement is a concern.

My greatest regret in 2023 was missing out on Sunway. I like Sunway mainly because of the future prospect of its hospital business.

I nearly bought its shares at around RM1.60 but I didn't. I don't think I should invest in big cap stocks...

If you look at my past transaction, almost all are small to mid cap stocks.

Anyway, I don't expect its share price to climb so fast to RM2.40 in 6 months' time. I think the max it can go is RM2.00.

Time flies and it has been 10 years since I started to publish my monthly stock portfolio in this blog.

I have mentioned before that if my portfolio gains 30% every year for 10 years in a row, then I will achieve my target "retirement fund".

So now 10 years have passed, of course it's not possible to beat Warren Buffet to achieve average 30% gain for 10 years.

Some years I made gain and some years I made loss.

However, I think I have successfully grow my stock investment fund in the past 10 years, even though it's still far from my target.

I hope to write a summary regarding my journey in the stock market since 2013.

It should be fun to write since I made overall gain. If I made overall loss, then just forget it.


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