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Last week was not an easy week as market was going through a very volatile correction, many stocks fell so hard, especially gloves. I know everyone definitely did not feel good about the market, the same applied me as well but luck for me my uncle gave me right advise & timing to enter TOPGLOV again and I manage to benefit from last Friday’s strong rebound.

I did share on my telegram channel that uncle told me it was time to re-enter. Hope everyone managed to ride on this rebound.

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I myself also buy some on 9/9




This morning, I went to visit my uncle as usual and he shown me his watch collection gallery. 
Me: Hi Uncle! I can never thank you enough! 
Him: Welcome young boy. 
Me: When everyone was busy panic selling gloves, you are the only person that told me to buy instead of sell. If you did not tell me, I definitely won’t be buying it as well. 
Him: Good that you listen to me, I won't bring you to hit wall. Dont worry!
Me: Uncle, you own so many watches, I notice you have so many different colour ROLEX, got white, green, blue, some mixed colours,  wow.. must be expensive. I have no idea about watch value at all. 
Him: Haha, just to fulfil my self-satisfaction.
Me: How about this Uncle, Patek Philippe, such a weird name. 
Him: Oh just ignore it, I just like the design. 
Me: Ok.. I guess must be also something good. Uncle, why when everyone panic sales, you ask me to buy? You must have known something earlier?
Him: This just by experience, I can’t tell you exactly why, but I can see it is going to turn back up soon, so I inform you.
Me: You really my masta Uncle! Luckily I listened to you, I managed to earn back some, since my ISTONE still losing.
Him: Don't worry, always remember, if the company is good, be happy and buy more when the price is falling. 
Me: Ok I get it. Last Friday TOPGLOV boss mention that they will be largest market capitalization soon, higher than Maybank, seriously?
Him: If they want to achieve that, stock price needs to be above RM 10.00 at least. I would say that it it is possible, is all up to us. 
Me: What do you mean by up to us?? 
Him: Remember I told you before, retailer participation now is not losing to institute. If retailer stop panic selling, or take quick profit, it's not hard to reach RM 10.00. 
Me: Oh yes.. then I must hold tight. I guess many have been frighten by the Mac Bank already. 
Him: Its very normal, bank always protect themselves and this market sometimes can be tricky, if only you know how to read them, then you can still win. It's good sign that many have make complaint and retailer finally fought back.
Me: Yes! It's so exciting when price finally shot up!
Him: Retailer should have more confident, the company already showing sincerity of buying back daily RM100m share. Only a few companies have the capability of doing that, it's a confident move by the management. 
Me: Uncle how far do you think it can go by this week? 
Him: Well, it should at least move back above RM 9.00 before the result. After that might go new high if banker changes their views and upgrade target higher. Don't be surprise that banker change their views again. 
Me: Wow, then I must hold tight!! Already the company mention order more than one year, I do not understand why market panic. It's really a phycology game when price moving down, affecting my emotion.
Him: Yes, we must know where we stand, don't get affected by nonsense, then you only can go far.
Me: Thanks uncle for your sharing. By the way, you have so many rolex, give me one lah.. haha
Him: Haha.. all these are my collection, if you want, I arrange for you to get a new one!
Me: Haha Thanks first Uncle! hehe

After this watch viewing session with my Uncle, I think I might add some more before result. Hopefully my decision is right.

Above sharing is not to telling you to buy or sell, to buy or sell depends on your own judgement.


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