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Been two weeks I didn’t update any new post because the past two weeks market seems to not have any special movement. Luckily last Thursday and Friday finally the gloves counters move higher up, my TOPGLOV saw significant gain.
You can follow my previous post to see what price I bought in TOPGLOV.


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Since this year I have made quite good gain from SUPERMX, PHARMA, JCY, KPOWER, SCIB, I decided to upgrade my current old car from my uni days. I have invited my uncle to help me have a look because he has lots more experience in buying cars and I sure he can give me good recommendation.
After reaching to the car company with uncle, the salesman passes me the key for test drive. Guess what? I chose TOYOTA Alphard because I need a family car for my new born baby coming soon next year.
During the test drive session, I have some chit chat with my uncle.
Me: Uncles, how is the car? Is the pilot seat more comfortable than your lambo? Haha
Him: Haha, of course it’s more spacious and comfortable than my lambo. But you sure you want to buy this Roti Van?
Me: Don't like that la uncle! My wife loves it, it's spacious enough. She always complaint my current car too small.
Him: It's good that you upgrade to the car you like. It's doesn't matter how others think. Congrats in advance.
Me: Thanks uncle, without your wisdom advice, I never dare to think about upgrading my car.
Him: No worries young man, it's still a long way to go for your investing journey.
Me: Uncle, last week seems to be a really hectic week. Out of the sudden Anwar announced have enough seat to form govern, US market been falling so badly, but why Gloves suddenly turn up?
Him: Very good question, if you ask me, from my experience, I would say, market can't find anything better than gloves already. That's why during last fall, I tell you to grab TOPGLOV. Lucky you did it.
Me: Yes uncle, thank you very much. But I still don't quite understand, why so many stock sifu, technical sifu been claiming that gloves are overvalues, chart has gone into downtrend, all kind of bad comments for gloves but end up still goes up?
Him: Another good question, those fundamental analysis have its own weakness, same to technical analysis, that's why if they did not think out of the box, they will think and follow the major market terminology, gloves is not going to do well already. Investing does require to have business sense, not just about calculating whether it is overvalued already or not, look at TESLA, what is overvalue?
Me: So, you mean that we should not be too obsessed with these two method of analysis?
Him: Yes, you are definitely right. Investing is not just about historical earning data and historical chart; it has to be flexible and think of the future. That's why when market is not stable, gloves still the best. It's very simple, the future of gloves is much more solid than any other business now. In the end, market have to accept this fact.
Me: I kind of understand now uncle. Looking at Europe and many countries still out of control of covid-19, I believe that this covid is not going to end so easily.
Him: That's very true, again even with vaccine approved by WHO now, don't expect it can reach us so soon.
Me: It's sad but true.
Him: Hey drive carefully, there are some stones at the right sides.
Me: Ok. relax uncle, my license is not kopi o one. (whenever he mentions about stone, I think of ISTONE that he hinted to me before). Uncle, ISTONE still ok? Drop so much lately.
Him: Yes sure, gives you chance to get more, what you waiting for. Market once calm down; then other sector will move again. Don't have to worry.
Me: Wow I love the confident thats given by you. Let's go back to the car showroom.
Uncle: Ok, tell them you still want to consider, I help you order a much better condition direct from JAPAN.
Me: Really? Thanks uncle! haha!
After this test drive session, I think that fundamental analysis and technical analysis also have their weakness, I should not follow blindly and should have faith and confident with company that have good prospect. Another important note to myself.


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