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By Stella Goh

According to the group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AIRAISA explore all avenues in the race to raise as much as RM2.5 billion in additional capital by year-end  (RM1.5 billion from banks and RM1 billion from investors) and is also reviewing its business in Japan as the airline seeks to weather the Covid-19 crisis. The investors include private equity players, strategic partners and conglomerates both local and foreign.

AIRASIA also is evaluating its operations in Japan, which is the smallest of its foreign offshoots, although its joint venture with Tata Sons in India remained. The company intends to consolidate and strengthens its Asean foothold.

While for its long-haul arm AirAsia X’s pending aircraft orders, Fernandes said the company was discussing with Airbus to restructure its order book.

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