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Topglove- A history in the making.

By now most of you will know that only Topglove will be the only company in Bursa Malaysia able to achieve this feat of breaking through the RM200 billion market capitalization.


When: In the next 6 months or less.
How: Annual revenue in 2021 will surpass the RM15 billion mark.
Profit after tax will hit RM8 billion mark.
Why: The Covid-19 pandemic will prolong and worsen towards Nov 2020-Feb2021. Winter is coming, so is the annual flu season will likely compound the severity. Many countries are reopening and many citizens are very complacent. Besides that, this ivirus is mutating as I write. News strains had appeared in a few countries in the last few months.
Even those recovered from Covid-19, can be infected again.
Even with vaccine, it is NOT 100% fool proof and the person can be infected. All pharmaceutical spokeperson can qualify my statement.
Every 4-5 years, there is a new pandemic. It's very likely before Covid-19 is resolve completely 100%, we might be hit with another pandemic. Refer to infographics below.
What: We are dealing with the undead virus. It is constantly spreading as long as we are complacent.  The only solution is the vaccine to control the spread. But the vaccine is NOT a cure. This virus has NO cure. As long as there is one person on earth with Covid-19, it can potentially spread and transmit to another as he travels whether locally or internationally.
Who: Anyone interested to get the 1st vaccine shot that completed all the trial phases in less than 12 months?
Most vaccines takes 2-10 years to be developed safely. 

Honestly speaking any sound minded person, would want to see the test results over a period of 1-2 years to ensure no bodily harm, physical and permanent damage to our organs and no allergic reactions.
History lesson on pandemic:


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