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For those of you who have been following my glove play lately, you will realize that I rarely touch Harta. In fact, in July, I was mostly playing Supermx and Kossan, before moving to Carepls and Topglove in August. Now, there are a few thing I want to get clear before I explain why:
1. Harta is not the fastest growing glove company.
2. Harta does not yield the highest profit margins.
3. From a technical standpoint, Harta's chart is by far one of the ugliest.
4. From a funds flow standpoint, Harta sees the slowest inflow of smart monies and big monies.
Now, Harta is the only big four yet to announce bonus issues of shares, and if they do, it will be for the first time since 2017. If bonus issues are indeed announced by Harta's board, we may likely see some profit taking, but this will not change why Harta is a 5-star stock. 
Many people know that there is a shortage of nitrile gloves in the global market, but they do not know the extent of the shortage. I have recently been told that the shortage is much worse than expected. Glove companies are rushing to produce nitrile gloves at a rate that can only be so high. Here's where Harta comes into the picture. Harta is the only glove company with industry leading technology on nitrile gloves. Not even Supermx nor Topglove can match its technological output. A quick google and you will understand this. 
Hence, Harta may be severely lagging from behind now, but I foresee that its next QR will yield a very high profit margin due to this nitrile glove shortage.
My predictions by 2020 (some have already became true):
1. Harta will be the most efficient producer of nitrile gloves in the market.
2. Harta will yield the highest profit margins due to the shortage of nitrile gloves.
Harta - 30/9/2020
On the 30th of September, double ascending tangents have formed. In funds flow theory, the double ascending tangents are one of the strongest indicators of bullish uptrend continuation.
Harta will see new highs like never before.
The descriptions and analysis in the blog are of the personal opinion of the author and is solely for knowledge purposes. No buy/sell call is given. Investors should do their own prior research before committing to an investment.
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