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ATS - What I know about its numbers and human factor

I did not buy or sell any of the ATS, never before, not today, not in my investment radar at all had it not the write-up and the photo ops of the great uncle. The historical performance of ATS, is published, is up to any one to decide. in any nightclub, there are coke, brandy, beer, whisky, enjoy yourself.

For those who had wet their hair to make some real quick bucks or losing thier underwear, follow blindly is the main cause, again, there are just too many self claimed gurus and expert (other professions) out there and how much could you verify their capability? Did you pay any fees ? Did you get the copy & paste online knowledge material? and lastly, did you make real money from the advices you received?

A PE could be a builder, but not necessarily a good Financial Analyst.

I remember in the old days (1998 - 2001) before FB or podcast tookover the mainstream media, I was in Taiwan, the local TV have plenty of economy (财经) underground channels every day, all sort of self claimed experts (财经大师,经济老师,教授)live on air, well prepared with playcards, price movement charts and indicators to educate their students. Well, those are there just to make a living.

For the SIZE of ATS, the great uncle can easily takeover it single handedly given his size and weight, but i think riding the wave of KLSE is more fun than manage a lost making company and problematic gloves start up. But a photo ops is easy and is an honour to the other party.

Every year, lot of business titan bid to have a lunch with Warren Buffett, to get some inspiration and learn from the world most successful investment guru. Imagine having a round of golf with B TRUMP! or B OBAMA ! who had such an honour?

Remember the effect of Topglove became a major shareholder of LBS, how short was the effect? isn't that is better than photo ops?

Back in Malaysia, there are not many investment guru could turn my head, not those IB either as they are salaried employee to come out with the morning note, analysis review etc for counters they cover for a living.

There are 101 financial / non financial indicators to take note of before a decision is made, I am pretty sure many of i3 investor / bosses would consider and review 101 issues to just open a bubble tea outlet in shopping mall nowaday. Anyone pressing the buy or sell button because of someone shout on the i3 or other forums, sorry to say that, you are just one of the 80%.

The great uncle's ATS photo ops (站台) & endorsement (背书), the effect was tremendeous, whether it was a gain or lost to any individual, is history now.

As a CA, value of all companies are quantifiable and presentable in numbers, I believe in numbers and numbers (money rather) never lie (but it could be cheated, cheating is rather human behaviour, recalling the US president ...............), as a rational KLSE customer, with the numbers (not 4D, but financial indicators) in your heart, couple with the human behaviour (market is run by human) manage to you advantage, you could be the 10% easily in this once in a life time COVID-19

With the vaccine rolling out one by one, light is insight but still far from the end of the tunnel.

The gloves party is well pass midnight, for those still not drunk, have sufficient cash in their pocket, booze is endless supply, the blonde you missed who have left with the previous customer will return after one hour or tomorrow, just make sure you have the right mood and energy to enjoy the remaining hours before dawn.


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