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ICAP (5108) ICAPITAL.BIZ BERHAD     MAI - After the 16th AGM

The 16th AGM has been held as scheduled on Saturday, 28 November 2020.

Quite a number of our forum participants have asked me what are the answers that I have received in the AGM?  

So I think it is better to answer them and those of you who wanted to know.

The answer is all my questions are never tabled in the meeting by the Chairman of the AGM.  The reason I say the Chairman is because he is by virtue of meeting rules the person who can decide which questions are to be tabled for discussion or answer.

There are many questions raised and answers given.

Among them, there are some who have raised questions which touch on two of my questions. With due respect to the parties who asked, I think the questions are not as comprehensive as mine.  (My personal opinion.  I hope the parties who raise such questions can excuse me).

I don’t know why the Chairman did not table my questions.  

As for myself, if I don’t want to reply to some one’s questions, the reason can be:

1) Illogical questions or remarks (answering will be a waste of time)  

2) Not relevant to the current scenario (again a waste of time)

3) Can’t find the answer (or rather can’t find how to question back)

I don’t want to guess whether the Chairman share similar attitude in answering questions or has some other criteria?

It is up to you to make the judgment.

Then again, if my questions are too long, the Chairman may be thinking of publishing them in the public media to let people to have time to digest such long questions.  (I would very much like this idea as in the AGM environment it is also not possible for attendants to grasp long monologue.  Over a public media where they can stop and ponder or do some referencing will be easier for them to make a sound decision)


I have to reiterate that I am a loyal share owner since inception of iCapital.biz.

I have vested and entrenched interest in the company.  

My views expressed are to serve the best interest of existing and potential investors generally and iCapital.biz in particular.  

To attract more value investors we need  better transparency, more investor friendly culture and readiness to weigh on others’ opinion.  


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