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KGroup partners Austria's PESSL instruments to strengthen paddy industry

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 1): Key Alliance Group Bhd (KGroup) has partnered with Austria’s Pessl Instruments GmbH to introduce agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to improve the livelihood of paddy farmers in the country.

KGroup executive director Roy Ho Yew Kee said the collaboration will empower small-time paddy farmers who have recorded decreasing yields year-on-year whilst the cost of production has continued to increase.

“The primary objective of this project is to reverse this trend with the aid of precision agricultural tools like IoT, weather modelling, soil modelling, and others.

“Besides improving the overall income of these farmers, our secondary objective is to ease the government’s subsidy burden on farmers,” he said in an interview with Bernama.

The project will take place in one of the main paddy granary areas in the country and the process of integrating the various technological components into the consolidated rice information management system (RIMS) platform will take approximately six months, until the yield can be seen.

“This will take us to March 2021 where we will start running our field test for two planting seasons,” he said.

Ho added that with the collaboration, paddy farmers could reduce 20% of their production cost and see 20% of improvement in yields.

Asked if the current targeted movement control order in certain states would delay the implementation, he said the company did not foresee any delay in the project thus far.

“Our goal is to become the regional benchmark for precision agriculture in paddy cultivation, so yes, we hope to at least be on an equal footing with Thailand,” he said.

On its partnership with Austria’s agriculture tech player, Ho said the partnership will provide the RIMS as the immediate beneficiary, pushing paddy farmers towards a new level.

Pessl Instruments, headquartered in Weiz, Austria and founded in 1984, currently operates in more than 80 countries. It develops and distributes climate monitoring, agricultural risk and irrigation management technology solutions for its farming customer base.

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