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SUPERMX (7106) SUPERMAX CORP BHD - The leading black horse.

Super-max human behavior

Author: lkpiew   |   Latest post: Wed, 25 Nov 2020, 9:17 PM

There are > 1000 listed company at the KLSE, +/- 20 big cap companies showing good recovery

Author:   |    Publish date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020, 9:17 PM

There are 101 combination  strategies to make your first (or subsequent) million during this COVID-19.

There are 101 combination strategies to build a tower.

There are 101 combination strategies to run a group of companies with plants around the globe.

Thre are also 101 financial indicators in the financial world that give you different facade of the companies, a single indicator does not mean much or explain the entirely of the companies of the group.

The ULTIMATE objection of a company is to make profit & money, the rest are just the process that whether they are well received by the decision maker (the boss) or the minority shaholders (literally every shareholders except the boss)

With the rolling 4 QTR results published (inclusive of 2 QTR within the COVID-19 period), it is reasonably to say there are fair and square to compare the historical figures for now and projecting for the future next 2 QTR (By then the COVID-19 should be more or less under control with the vaccine, though gloves still very much in demand but not like before, considering the new (kids) plants production operating in full swing in Malaysia and overseas.

Based on closing 20/11/2020

TG has the highest profit of 1.866 billion, but not the NP margin => means its due to its size not its command of ASP and efficiency and cost control.

Supermax has the best NP margin among its peers of 42.48% while COMFORT trailing way at the back.  

Supermax has the highest EPS of 49.98 trailing behind is KOSSAN at 47.35, TG need to do something on its treasury shares to improve its EPS, naturally this will improve its PE and change the risk appetide of 'investors' and thus share price.

At the close of last Friday, KOSSAN command the lowest PE 13.16 amongst the big 4, while RUBEREX top the small 3 at PE 7.20

The historical performance of a share price does not guarantee the future will follow, but the future performance of the result will pretty much follow its immediate passed 2 qtr before the landscape changes (The long term planning as normally referred to).

if ONE single indicator were to determine its future share price, Supermax should hit 16 MYR should the investors appetide for a PE of 31.63 (TG), but again, if one were to make up its mind based on one single indictor, more often than not, there are one of the 10% as per the great uncle.


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