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AT (0072) AT SYSTEMATIZATION BHD - this at company caught my eyes and here is why

Today I was checking on KLSE and i stumbled across AT that is ranked 6 on the "Hot Stocks Today".

I have seen it a few times but i did not do any reseach on it and i decided to do so.


Apparently it is an integrated designer and manufacturer of industrial automation systems & machinery with value added (main business)

Activities including precision engineering with fabrication of parts & equipment, and provision of industrial automation. Support products & services.

Now it wants to venture into glove business and soon to be expected to be ready.

I still dont know much about the company. So i tried to find out more and this is what i got.


It is at the crossroad as to whether to go up or down. In my simple mind, if company start glove production, it shouldnt go down but rather go up. (common sense)

However, I still decided to do more digging of its managing director cause I do not want it to be someone sly and dodgey in the end.

I checked more of the Pne Pcb Bhd

And i go WOW! when he joined the board in March because the price was 0.13 and now 0.54. Holy shit!

But what about AT when he joined in December 2017?

Not so impressive from 2017-2019. But there seems to be some revival going on from the start of 2020 and this makes me wonder why and the simple answer to that is GLOVE.

I went WTF moment by the HUGE outstanding shares and the numbers of PP, ESOS, SIS and etc

As well as their past years performances.

They still have not gotten the CE cert yet.

Well this is Malaysia....everything is slowwww. Lets face it.

Plus, the brutal attack from the dirty JPMORGAN news that attacks the glove industry.

However when it comes to glove,

The good thing is most of the workers are going to be local in this short amount of time so "no foreign workers issues related".

They got a deal with LKL so which pretty much secure their sales for glove when the time comes.

Will be producing 2.6b gloves annually. 

They also do provision of design, engineering and technology works, fabrication as well as installation of machines for the manufacture of gloves and other rubber-related products
(Translation: they dont just sell gloves but potentially sell and services glove machines services as well which will increase their revenue in the future)


Demand for gloves around the world is still high and Malaysia dominate atleast 60% of the world glove market. I won't be surprise if Malaysia dominate the glove market by 80% in the near future.

As a company itself?

They have used up a lot of money in the past to diversify itself into different fields and NO DEBT!

What do i think of this company? 

In all honesty, looks good. Not bad at all. I like how the company is very diversified and not only focusing on one thing. 

In fact, I will buy some in the few days time.

There are a few reports that indicates to buy it too. 

This company could easily hit 0.35 if it wants to.


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