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Many investors are wondering "Has AT obtain the certificate to produce gloves yet?"

The answer is no.

According to a source, the government has yet to give the health, safety and environment certificate to the company.

In respond to that, the team stated that they should receive it by end of next week.

Why so slow?

I do not have the answer to that. My source did not ask why and therefore, i could not let you all know the reason behind it.

I can speculate that it is because the machineries set up was slow compared to their schedule or that the government being government (slow as always).

So what is my opinion?

1. I think the company and the government are too slow and should work faster.
2. AT team said they will receive it before end of next week but I want to play safe and say before end of the month.
3. A slight delay of starting glove production (it does not mean, there will not be any).

Some of you readers would like to see proof of conversation and I am sorry but I cannot. The reason is there is a risk to the person in losing his/her job at the company. Time is bad for many, so do understand.

Yesterday the share fell to 0.175. The whole market has been bearish recently which also affects AT.

I do believe the market will be bullish in the near future which will also push the AT share up.

Some were wondering if the pictures I posted in the previous article real or obtain from China. I am sorry if it is not convincing enough and i hope this will appease you.

If my information is wrong or outdated, do comment or message me to keep me updated if possible. Tq.

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KINGCOBRA tell me what to do....wanna asking me to sell off?????????

18/12/2020 9:47 AM

koolset I can tell you that I am keeping mine. Mine is 0.27. I am keeping it until they produce the gloves and sell it to LKL. I do believe it can hit at least 0.30 but a lot of patience is required.

I do apologise because I am not in the position to tell you to sell or to buy.

18/12/2020 2:14 PM

Irisoren07 Relax...if you already buy a OK2 company stock at low price, then hold.. If you buy at peak then cut loss lor.. worst few years will reap reward..


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