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[MSC (Malaysian Smelting Corporation) - World's Top 3 Tin Smelter in the World]
The hidden real gem!!
If you have followed us since the start of our page (in April 2020), you would know that we are huge fans and promoters of MSC.
And time has proved us right, MSC's share price has gained more than 100% in less than a year. Let the bull run and it will hit our TP3 and TP4 soon enough.
With new smelter (TSL furnace technologies) commencing operation in 1Q 2021 which will increase the existing capacity by another 50% together with higher tin prices and reduced labour costs are definitely going to result in better performance results going forward.
With the new smelting facility at Pulau Indah which acts as the transportation hub, it would be more efficient in importing and exporting tins. New tin mining sites with huge potential is going to benefit MSC with current tin prices at USD20k/tonnes.
One thing is clear, from the lead acid batteries to advanced lithium ion batteries and to the next game changer - i.e. solid state batteries, it is clear that going forward, there are multiple opportunities for tin compounds and tin alloy to be featured in tin soldering and apply in anode technologies of EV batteries.
Our verdict is to never let go of good managed company with the right trend and bright future outlook and continue to hold till our TP5 which is shared in our telegram group.
Stock price has run ahead of results but fundamentals and prospect remain unchanged. Chase the price now would be risky. Hence, own due diligence and risk management is required before investing in MSC.
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