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IQ vs EQ (智商vs情商)

There are people that says in order to earn money, you must be smart enough to identify which are the few exceptional stocks that can earn you fortune in the future. However, Warren Buffett once said that “investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ”. All we need is rationality, which is high EQ instead.

Will a person with high IQ have a better ability in spotting some good stocks or company? Absolutely. However, if the person sells a good stock when it goes up 15%, then it is worth nothing as the potential of the stock is far from that. A rational person with high EQ will assess and evaluate every single possibility, and will not sell a stock that contains high potential in the future. Besides, people with high EQ will not be affected by market fluctuation easily, and they will able to find opportunities through these fluctuation, especially when others are fearful.

In short, it is not that smart investors will earn the most in the market, but the most rational and calm person will earn the biggest reward in the end. Hence, people should not fell depressed when seeing other stocks rising like crazy, but should appreciate the one that you hold. Since all the stocks that you are holding are actually bought after serious evaluation and assessment, which means the capital gain will come eventually, all we need is time.

很多人都说,我们必须要足够聪明才能够挑选几家好的公司,而从中赚钱。但其实不一定如此,巴菲特曾经说过:“投资并不是拥有160 IQ的人就一定能够胜过130 IQ 的人。”其实我们更需要的高情商所带来的理性。



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