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the thing i dont like about american insitution like JP Morgan is they are manipulative, abusive, a cheat and since the early days and this has not changed till now. they are the biggest scum among the scums.

Their CEO, Jamie Dimon reputation is not good in their society. Caught up in 5 felony charges and still not fired??


I am very worried for our people especially the young people who are easily influenced by another foreign insitution because of their glorious fame, wealth and the company years of foundation. it looks very appealing. i know.

But behind the pretty dress and make up, you have to really see what they are like without the pretty dress and make up. and itsss UGLY!

i hope the young people did their research on the american insitution such as JPMorgan, McKinsey, Goldmansachs and similar are nothing but crooks. this is why we are taught to learn history when we were young because history do often repeat itself!! 

make no mistake, they do not care for the little people like us. they only care for the mega rich and/or super elite.

side note, people who make rm50k-100k per month are not considered mega rich (only 'normal rich'). 

I have not bought a single glove counter yet so the glove industry has nothing to do with me.

I wrote this because I want more young investors to be a better researcher if they really want to invest or do stock trading for a living.


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