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some people said that dont place egg all in one basket
warrent buffet said place certain egg in one basket and monitor like hawk
economic event
china ic fab semiconductor booming
on the right place and time, riding new trend upon global chip shorting, rising on the east have emerge a new wave of semiconductor fab booming.

u guys cant avoid this oppurtunity.market of mobile production is very high.u cant make any phone  without chip . its the foundation of every electronic.
ride on trend checked!
second highest bidder with 125 mil usd.deciding to run silterra as vehicle to enter fab market. high dependency on apple since their biggest client.apple drop so goes foxconn. have issued on image and employment.currently shift business from china to vietnam. also fail to fulfill promise with state of wisconsin.
claimed one of biggest.thanks to apple.but buykng ssilterra would be doomed. it seems 125mil usd but they ara actually plan to pay 87.5mil usd for 70% share. so much big company
third highest bidder 70mil usd.nothing much.most probably dont really need silterra but if can purchase also good for expansion asean region
green packet
our malaysia friend, fourth highest bidder with 56.7mil with constructive bumi fund with exposure towards asean hub is seems to be less lucrative.after all, co still under investigation with sprm for p1 issued.
image tarnished.heard another version story maybe to pull out bid due to more bargain hunting on china new fab production co (mushroom) due to fab booming.
highest bidder with close rm 1 billion turn around proposal. profit making rounders compant.reference on time engineering. construction share partner 60 40 with CGP consortium which one of their investee is SMIC, one of biggest fab semicon company.stable conpany strong management and experienced. conduct due diligence with care.
on political side,dnex may not be favorable (i dont know,ask khazanah)but bear in mind, malaysia got only one fab production company. the highlight is going to be very bright for whole nation to see that malaysian cant lost to this one. silterra is malaysias darling recognised. selling to wrong party is gonna affect the whole government downfall.or maybe somebodys career at end soon.
be advised that all of this above is just an opinion based on fact and analysis. trade at your own risk.
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