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The cost of education continues to soar, so preparation is crucial.

Begin by calculating how much you're likely to need - to give your children the best education they deserve!

future value of your desired course for your child will be

RM 500 000




Child Education Fund BAT(4162)  
Price  RM14.36  
Total Investment RM 1M  
Dividend Yield 8%  
Total Dividend Received Per Year RM80,000.00 (a)
Loan Amount RM 1M  
Loan Period 35  
Loan Interest 3%  
Loan Installment Per Month RM3,848.00  
Total Loan Installment Per Year RM46,176.00 (b)
Child Education Fund per year RM33,824.00 c= a-b
Total Child Education Fund 18 year RM608,832.00 c X 18


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