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Supermax - Riding the wave towards the end of covid-19 tsunami
4-5 minutes

When you walk into a night club (KLSE) at 10pm, hoping of having some fun over the weekend, by 12 midnight (vaccine is out) you feel sleepy and wish to go home, it is either you are tired (lost too much), no energy (no more $$), drunk too early (sold too early), don't know which GRO (counter) to pick, then you should better go home and sleep, wait for the next round when you restore sufficient energy (money) and well plan for re entry...

We are not geting any GRO (counter) as wife (forever), so don't hold on to any single stock for longer then necessary, even if it is the best in town, you are there to enjoy what you paid for (profit), be it a quick one (one-night stand) and short / medium gain (girlfriend), all of us know that, but how many would walk their talk?? and you see hell a lot of sad stories on the streets (or i3).

Most of us do not have another luxurious 20 years to buy a share, lock up in safe and let it grow from bonus shares to bonus shares, dividend to dividend................'Passed historical performance is for guide only and not guarantee for its future performance'

Energy counters are the top performance end of last week, for all the reasons you could have it from the Edge, CNBC, FB gurus, expert etc......

Many have the opinion that the gloves is over, well, true (just over the peak) BUT still a long way before the tsunami wave (caused by the COVID-19) subsides, the great uncle gave his opinion every and then, and all the information is publicly available, no need to repeat......

In share market, you are either wave maker (if your pocket is deep enough, like those behind the penny stocks) or the 80% flopped by the wave, only those 10%-20% know how to stay afloat and RIDE the wave,  will enjoy the wave surfing from one to the other..

The theory is pretty simple, and ALL know it, but how many of them manage to practice and master it ? ask youself !!!!!, no one will hear you scream when you are under the wave.

Out of the big 4, Supermax is the front runner for all the reasons opined by the great uncle, and from my own sets of financial indicators, I do agree, trailing close behind its back, infact, not TG.............. WHAT !!!

The small 3, front runner is RUBEREX....follow by........

Those new kids.....they will make a splash (work out your preferred forward PAT, PE and TP base on your own sets of assumption, like buying 4D, if you don't know, google from IB), only if they manage to ship out their millions pieces of gloves in the near future. Bear in mind, they are not in good position to command strong ASP and sales network, part of the profit need to pass on to middlemen along the line, new kids are good for a quickie. (how long could you last, depends on how young you are, or the doses you take)

We all hope borders will open soon (AA

, Genting , auto....related counters), business activities improving (energy

, retails, consumers related counters) well, you are right, but how long for them get back their feets? 6 months ? 1 year?

and....... the gloves still having thir backlog orders of 12 to 18 months..which industry sectors could match those numbers? Pharmaceutical? they are only distribution, how much profit margin could they enjoy 20% ? 15% ASP month on month ? you must be joking !!!!

With the gloves record PAT results, why are they red all the way in the recent weeks? remember the great uncle says, no stocks will go up/down forever for no reasons............

With all information under the sun, to be able to ride the wave, enjoy the wave towards the shore, timing (human behaviour) play a vital role here, with fluctuation > 10% in a week, > 3% a couple of hours.....there are still tonnes of gold to dig before the next new virus strike the world.

To walk to talk, sold all Supermax holding at 9, not the peak of 9.1++, make a few cents less is better then losing your pants.

Now, when is the re-entry point ? you tell me.


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