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Topglove FIRED worker who complained about lack of social distancing!

Reuters today published an article about how Topglove fired the whistleblower who took photos and complained to a human rights activist about a lack of social distancing at their factories.

The human rights activist sent the photo anonymously (did not disclose the name of the worker who took the photo) to Topglove and the Malaysian government but according to the article, Topglove management went to the extent of going through their CCTV footage to see who was the worker taking the photos and they caught him and fired him. Obviously, they needed to go through hundreds of hours of CCTV footage to find a worker taking photos since it wouldn't be possible to tell from a photo when it was taken. Amazing how Topglove's management went that far to hunt down the whistleblower.

I'm sure this is the work of some low-level manager in Topglove but when things like this happen, the top must always be responsible. The entire Human Resource department of Topglove must be fired immediately. A deep investigation should also be carried out and if it is found that this action was known to the top bosses like Lim Wee Chai, Lim Cheong Guan etc, they must resign immediately.

Below is the link to the article:

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