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就 YTB_Additional Information_20210107, 嘗試揭開一些面紗進行分享討論:



根據 Healthcliqs 的股東名冊, 我們看見該公司最大股東是Chua Yoong Saeng (Director, Market Development & Communication at Alih Venture Sdn. Bhd.), 佔比 37%.



Mr. Mahamud Shohor 是Alih Venture Sdn. Bhd. 的Co-Founder.



The shareholders and directors of Urban Masterpiece are “Encik Mohamad Shohor bin Mahamud” and Datuk Wan Abd Halim bin Abd Majid who holds five hundred thousand (500,000) shares each respectively.


[ The Board of Directors of LYC wishes to announce that the Company has on 19 May 2020 incorporated a Fifty-One percent (51%) owned subsidiary known as KLIMC Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 202001011665 (1367985-V)]("KLIMC"). The remaining Forty-Nine percent (49%) shareholding is held by Urban Masterpiece Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 201601027097 (1198036-A)](“Urban Masterpiece”).


The intended principal activities of KLIMC are to own and to carry on the business of running hospitals. ]


LYC HEALTHCARE BERHAD - 0075 (https://www.lychealth.com/)


如果我們僅從此三層面紗進行簡單的推測, 將可以簡略推測YongTai 疫苗銷售渠道的建構以及部分布局. 這無形中是否增加大家對 YongTai 在疫苗分銷的信心程度?


YTB_Additional Information_20210107YTB_Additional Information_20210107


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