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【First Batch of Vaccine Delivered by DHL】

With the ability of TNLogis 🚛🚛🚛to transport cold storage items, its share price soared ✈️when Pfizer announced their vaccine has to be kept under temperature around -70degree celcius🥶.

Unexpectedly, DHL 🚛🚛🚛became the winner at the end🏆🏆.  As what DHL mentioned, Pfizer vaccine manufacturer 🏭🏭themselves actually specially-design a thermal shipper packaging📦📦📦 to ease their customers transportation 🚛purpose.

 TnLogis🚛🚛, with improved profit 💸 last quarter (Q2 Sept 2020) mainly due to cut cost 🥱instead of increase in business volume🚛🚛, their share price will no doubt face big challenges📉 in weeks ahead.  

Additionally, the spike in oil price 🔥would impact their profit margin as well!

No buy sell recommendation, simply share.


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